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Program Features

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Program Features

  • Claims made policy / Full Prior Acts
  • First Dollar Defense
  • Defense costs in addition to the limits of liability
  • Worldwide Territorial coverage
  • Employment Practices Liability Defense Costs Extension
  • Outside Directorship liability Defense Costs Extension
  • Life Operations (policy E&O limits) Sub limits of $1M/$2million for independent agents
  • Fraudulent Acts Endorsement included for Life/Mutual fund Agents.

Loss Control

Brokers office seminars using detailed reviews of individual department best practices and procedures are available. These seminars are invaluable as a check up or procedural guide to quality handling.

Our website highlights with monthly features the pitfalls and mistakes made in brokers operations. We also outline the penalties assessed in some of their mistakes both by the courts and the regulators.

Loss Management

The most costly result of an E&O claim is to the reputation of the insured brokerage. Our Claims Workflow provides a flow-through that allows initial assessment by a casualty adjustment specialist who advises on the matters potential—
  • A / if matter has minimum value well under your deductible, we will advise you on setttlement strategies without the involvement of your E&O insurer. This provides for quick efficient resolution of the matter and you can get on with business. It also provides assurance that you have reported to your E&O broker as required.
  • B / if matter has potential to escalate beyond your deductible, our staff take preliminary report and handoff to professional E&O adjuster with legal credentials who investigate fully. They report to the program insurer while liasing with our claims experts and you.
  • C / if matter involves litigation, our retained E&O litigation experts are available immediately to liase with our casualty specialists, our professional E&O adjustor and you. This provides fast take-up on sometimes complex matters and moves them to the security of knowing all are in capable hands.

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